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Photographs of 360 degree sanaltur are taken and presented in 360 degree horizontal, 360 degree vertical axis, which can be seen in full. All 360-degree photographs of sanaltur; it is purified from divider and decomposing elements which will disrupt the space integrity. At the base of the 360 ​​degree photographs, tripod, tripod trace or traces belonging to the photographer, shadow, etc. will not appear and the elements contrary to the structure of the place will be removed. The navigation features that provide 360 ​​degree sanaltur photographs and applications to switch from one space to another are visually supported by graphic design elements. At 360 degree sanaltur photographs, there is no significant differences in axis shift, color loss, light difference. Shaded spaces should appear on virtual trails to suit their natural lighting conditions; such as lighting fixtures, windows, light bursts and lack of clarity at points where the light intensity is too high; photographing is done with HDR shooting technique to avoid excessive low or high contrast, color disturbances and excessive coloring that may affect the reality of the shooting scene. During the 360-degree sanctuary, the entrances from the outside and the stalls that can be visited in the room are displayed with the arrows. With interactive windows that can be placed on panoramic photographs, the next panorama can be passed very easily and the control over the space is left to visitors. During 360 degree sanctions, visitors can magnify and zoom on photos. 360-degree sanitary uses: Works on all web browsers, CD & DVD content, kiosks, Iphone and android operating systems and all devices that use it.



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