A local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers within an area such as an office building. LAN networking comprises of cables, routers, switches and many other components that allow users to connect to internal services and websites. Having a flawless IT infrastructure is crucial to an organisation’s set-up and operational efficiency. Our IT infrastructure solutions are end-to-end, dependable, and will transform your business operations. Connecting your business seamlessly enables effortless sharing of information while making the organisation more efficient. Wires & Wireless is a leading network cabling installer with over a decade’s worth of experience. We work on projects both big and small and understand the needs of a fully functional business.

We install data, voice and fibre infrastructure for all types of businesses. Our professional services include network design, configurations and testing. Voice infrastructure is an essential part of the communication network in any business, without it internal communication would become complex and time-consuming. Fibre optic wires carry more information than the conventional copper wires and therefore are far less likely to be affected by electromagnetic interference. Wires & Wireless go beyond supply and installation of fibre optics. Splicing these cables is imperative in large networks requiring long lengths of cabling.

For your business communications to run smoothly and effectively, the cabling needs to be expertly planned, installed and maintained. Our technicians have worked on a variety of cabling projects, giving them professional experience and ensuring we have a leading edge over competitors.

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