Cabling and Infrastructure Solutions



Structured cabling is the backbone of information, communication, automation and telecommunication systems. Considering all of the technological systems, it is a system that is used for the longest time and it is quite troublesome and costly to change after the installation is completed. Proper construction / design, high quality implementation, necessary test / labeling / documentation and their continuity is a very important process.

Metrosoft produces brand-independent solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise's structural cabling. It also provides engineering, feasibility and consultancy services during the design of the project related to these requested services / products. Structural cabling projects are offered in both indoor and outdoor optimum solutions using Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Multi Mode and Single Mode Fiber Optic cables. By using state-of-the-art electronic devices, end-to-end data transmission line installation is completed by performing copper and fiber cable terminations at the end points. According to the topology to be created, the institutions are projected so as to ensure the highest productivity.


As METROSOFT, we provide products and solutions;

  • Copper Cabling Products and Solutions
  • Fiber Cabling Products and Solutions
  • Cabinet Products and Solutions
  • Electrical Wiring Products and Solutions
  • Card Access Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring Solutions
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