Sharing the vision

Award Ceremony - EU Horizon 2020 Gala

June 2022

We won a Star of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation award over a year ago. The trophy was finally handed over to Mateusz Derejski during an in-person award ceremony.

The digital transformation opportunity

March 2022

The fund industry is adopting new technologies. At this FundsTech roundtable Petra Roche shared Metrosoft's views on a practical approach to revolutionising the sector.

Everything is exponential - FundsTech Transformation Panel

January 2022

Petra Roche shared her views on financial inclusion and the importance of adapting to change in a FundsTech panel on investment industry transformation.

A question of trust

September 2021

As more firms adopt agile software development practices, Petra Roche of Metrosoft explains why trust is so important in making agility work.

AML compliance checks and the case for agile

July 2021

Janusz Lorenc, CEO of Metrosoft tells FundsTech editor Nicholas Pratt why asset managers’ approach to anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorist financing compliance risk is leaving money on the table and why it is the perfect case for agile software development.

Compliance and the case for agility

July 2021

FundsTech talks to Janusz Lorenc, CEO of Metrosoft, about asset managers’ approach to compliance risk and the case for agile software development.

New age thinking

Summer 2021

A panel of experts discusses the state of innovation in the industry and whether technology and the pandemic have created a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change.

Embracing regulatory changes with an agile mindset and technology

May 2021

AST- Regulatory Handbook 2021: Metrosoft's Petra Roche suggests preparation for the Sixth AML Directive presents an opportunity for fund services players to improve competitiveness and their digital service for clients.

Harnessing the power of adaptive mindset and technology

February 2021

A combination of the proper mindset and the right technical choices can bring even the rustiest processes to the next level – KYC included.

Roundtable: Data Updated

Winter 2020

The panelists revisit the subject of data and review the progress made in terms of standards, timeliness, quality and technology.

Star of Horizon 2020

December 2020

Metrosoft was awarded “Star of Horizon 2020” along with Jagiellonian University and Institute of Nuclear Physics. (Information in Polish).

The future of Transfer Agency in a Technological Age

November 2020

The panelists discuss the future of transfer agency within the ever complex and changing technological age.

FundTech Lab London

Winter 2019/2020

Interviews and panel discussions on breaking the glass ceiling, entering the cloud and protecting the cyberspace.

Talking Heads: 2020 Vision

Winter 2019/2020

Funds Europe asked a series of the most prominent figures in the industry for their technology highlights of 2019 and what they would most like to see in 2020.

Luxembourg Roundtable:
Left behind on the journey of life

November 2019

Fund managers are trying to move closer to their end investors but, after years of disintermediation, have little customer data and face immense disruption.

FundTech Lab Luxembourg:
Digital watch

Autumn 2019

The FundTech roadshow returned to Luxembourg, where delegates heard debates on the digital asset servicing market, the grand duchy’s burgeoning FinTech sector and the future of work.

Change: humans and technology

Summer 2019

Currently, the fund industry uses technology to implement reactive change, to automate and improve existing processes, which alone does not lead to a paradigm shift.

Data, data everywhere

Summer 2019

The panelists were asked about all things data, including which data ranks as the most valuable, the impact of new technology on data and whether managers have too much or not enough data.

Industry Survey

June 2019

How the funds industry views new technology - A Funds Europe survey in partnership with Metrosoft.

Keeping up the pace

January 2019

Industry participants discuss how the role of the transfer agent is changing because of regulatory and technological developments.

Future shocks

Winter 2018

The panel of technology experts were asked to rank the likelihood and impact of a number of potential scenarios.

Talking Heads:
Blockchain – How soon is now?

Atumn 2018

There is a broad consensus that Blockchain technology has the potential to play a major role in the industry's operations. The only question is when.

The Innovation Game

Summer 2018

Technology experts engage in lively debate on collaboration, disruption, innovation and those tricky millennials.

One step ahead

Summer 2018

Funds Europe talks to Metrosoft's Janusz Lorenc about the importance of a culture of innovation and staying a step ahead of industry thinking.

Man on a Mission

April 2018

Metrosoft’s Mateusz Derejski about the firm’s compliance solution and the importance of using technology to transform the business.

On Equal Terms

February 2018

Metrosoft’s Janusz Lorenc talks about the software firm’s ‘Terms’ service, which aims to ease the pain of managing mutual fund sales agreements.

Funds Europe Awards 2017

November 2017

Metrosoft was commended by the judges for Fundsphere® Terms in European Innovator of the Year category.

Sphere of Influence


Funds Europe talked to Metrosoft founder and CEO Janusz Lorenc about the company's beginnings and the future of the fund industry.

EU Horizon 2020

October 2016

Fundsphere® Terms project receives 1.8 MM Euro grant from EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.