"Interactivity", or "Interactive Communication" today, is a vast space and sharing that expresses an extraordinary need for a great majority, comparing us with another innovation, continuing to develop and expand at any moment, built into the summit of forms of communication is a concept that is at the beginning of the list of urgent needs in business life in terms of the interaction that can be realized at equal rates and the fact that it is a channel that allows the participation and intervention of the users.

Interactive media and design solutions, the product of the last quarter of the twentieth century, are materials that are needed today in almost all areas of work. Of course, there are two main reasons for the need for practicality and widespread use. In addition, the responsibilities of representation, which are the most powerful instruments of individual or corporate identities, with the presence of interactive communication materials, require that they have a certain level of aesthetic dimension as well as their functionality. Any interactive solution to be produced from this facility; planning, design, implementation and consistency within the requirements of the objectives, objectives and characteristics that can bring it forward by distinguishing it from its peers should be considered as a whole.

Solidpark, the weighted concentration of interactive productions, is a digital agent with considerable references to the experience of interactive solutions and the vision that keeps the pulse of the developments since 2005, when the related field is becoming very popular and the only internet that comes to mind first when it is called "interactive" , so webpages and web sites, Solidpark aims to benefit from all the possibilities of interactivity and is a versatile work partner that offers a wide scale in this sense.

Our work areas in the field of "Interactive Solutions" are as follows: Web Design & Implementation & Development Web Programming Web Software Individual and Corporate Internet SitesMobile Internet SitesE-Commerce SitesResponsive Web DesignUser Experience Designs (UX) User Interface Designs (UI) Portal and Blog DesignsInternet BranchesContent Management Systems (CMS) B2B-B2C Applications Banner ProductionE-Mailing (E-mail) DesignAutomotive Engine Optimization (SEO: Search Engine Optimization) Illustrative And Animated DesignsSocial Media ServicesPreparation (Presentation)



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