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Corporate identity work is a graphic design work done to create the visual aspect of companies. Corporate identity studies include logo design, business card design, catalog & brochure design, envelope design, letterhead, file, etc. all of the software elements of the graphic design work is involved. The most important issue in the study of corporate identity is the colors. A firm must first decide on the colors that best reflect it and corporate identity work should be done on this color theme.

When conducting corporate identity studies, the first goal should be to bring the company's mind-set to the highest levels. Because brand awareness is one of the hardest earned values ​​of trade. You also get our professional corporate identity service to increase your brand awareness. In this way, we can make your corporate identity the same in our internet site. AJANS ARTIBIR uses the graphic design quality that it uses in its internet site designs in the same line in its corporate identity studies.

When the corporate identity study is completed, all graphic design works along with all the materials (font etc.) used in corporate identity will be delivered to you both in print and computer environment. You will have the right to make print and design work on this site with the agency of your choice.
There are many important points to note when conducting corporate identity studies. The most important of these is the field where the company operates. For example, when creating a logo for a shopping site, a research result in the United States has emerged where logos with blue colors give more confidence in shopping. The team that will do corporate identity planning should know this kind of details very well.
If you want to create or defeat your corporate identity, let's introduce the new face of your company to the whole world in accordance with A to Z trend designs.



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