IP Switching Solutions

Today's power plants are also taking on high technology. The IP Switching concept brings high manageability to the power plants and the expectations from the power plants are very high. A different advantage of IP hosts for everyone is that they can make this choice. For example, if you want to be a favorite of today, "numbers starting with 0850" or virtualized numbers, you have to do it indefinitely. Therefore, the advantages we wrote below can cause you to use your choice for IP Switchboard systems.


Security, one of the most important points to be noticed, should not be missed. In IP Power Centers, which are installed with software that is free, sufficient security can not usually be provided, so they can be attacked. As a result of these attacks, technical problems can arise in your IP Switch, even illegal telephone traffic can occur. In a matter of minutes, you can drop you off with overcharged phone charges. Therefore, these structures should be established either by technical staff who have mastered the business or free (Open Source) software should not be preferred.


Advantages of IP Power Plants,


* Anywhere in the world, you can create extensions and they are also free to talk between these extensions.
* Each smartphone is turned into an extension phone for free, so you can get free calls even with your headphones.
* Thanks to virtual numbers (starting with 0850 or your own number transferred to you), you can have conversations with dozens of people at the same time, and on this call you will be able to get on a busy phone line and without a flat fee.

* You can record all your calls and still listen to them from anywhere in the world.
* You can follow your incoming faxes without a fax machine, in pdf format, from a computer, tablet or smartphone, and you can easily send a fax with just one e-mail.
* You can use GSM lines as well as you can use fixed telecom lines in IP Switchboard systems. You can even use the special phone operator you want to search for the directions you want. For example, "fixed lines" go from the operator "X" and the pockets go from the "Z" operator. "You have the freedom to be called. On this page, you can generate remedies for high telephone bills.
* If you are not able to reach the destination, you can automatically make calls to your mobile phone.
* When the inclusion is not turned on, your IP Switchboard system may take the caller's voice record and send it to your e-mail address as a sound file.
* You can create a robot operator (IVR) for as many different numbers as you want, for different companies. Incoming calls can be routed to extensions, queues or mobile phones.
* You can create robot operators in different languages ​​for the numbers allocated from many countries of the world, and you can be directed to search for the staff who know the language of that country.
* You can customize the entire switchboard to fit your working system, and with this customized scenario you can bring extensions, mobile lines, fixed lines, interworking with each other.
* From all interview details, you can see how often and how efficiently your staff makes calls, whether incoming calls are met, in short, whether the staff is doing it properly.


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