Social media





It is a new generation advertising agency that develops strategies for your brand's social media needs and produces creative projects to increase your sales.
What are we doing?
Social Media Marketing
Arma Digital will support you in the process of reaching and reporting the right audience by determining your marketing strategies in your social media.
Digital Media Planning
Planning your creative targeting process on social media, optimizing it and directing it to the target audience.
Creative Solutions
We provide creative ideas for your goals and your business plan.

Markanızın sosyal medyadaki ihtiyacına yönelik stratejiler geliştiren, satışlarınızı arttırmaya yönelik yaratıcı projeler üreten, yeni nesil reklam ajansıdır.



Digital PR
By doing specific work on social media phenomena, bloggers, YouTube, we are increasing the digital pr value of your mark.
Online Reputation Management
We provide analysis and reporting on all kinds of comments about your brand in social media, we support you by taking precaution to online crises that may occur.



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