RapidSSL is the fastest and most cost-effective solution for entry-level e-commerce sites, web-based e-mail, and any other application that requires secure communication but does not require prestige and high confidence.
As a VeriSign Brand, RapidSSL is 100% compatible with all banks and Rapid SSL Certificate delivery time on average is 2-3 minutes and no documents are required. Static site seal with RapidSSL is provided free of charge.
RapidSSL is well suited to x509 and PKCS standards like all other SSL Certificates. 1024 bit keyed asymmetric (RSA), and symmetric (RC4, AES) key up to 256 bits in the power of the client.
RapidSSL certificates are signed with the "Equifax Secure Global eBusiness CA-1" Certification Authority root certificate private key. When this certificate is present in the certificate store of all existing operating systems, there is no need to install the certificates of intermediate trust authorities in the operating system, such as some other providers like Comodo. Single root certificate.
All RapidSSL certifications are insured against loss that may be caused by installation errors during the first 7 days, in which case you can automatically regenerate the certificate from your control panel. IHS Telekom, a Verisign distributor, provides all platform-free installation support for all certified products. If the certificate does not work as expected, an unconditional fee is made within 7 days.
You can use this SSL certificate for your e-billing and E-archive applications.


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