Server and Data Storage


Server Storage


In general, identifying the right Server Storages for critical business applications and data management is one of the most important issues for business continuity and data security. With its professional sales and technical team, Metrosoft offers solutions and value-added services with server models that meet your current and future business needs, providing you with maximum capacity and performance in all levels. We are a partnership of leading manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu for server models of the world brand; presenting, installation, commissioning, operating system setup, software and hardware configuration solutions.

Certified sales and pre-sales technical teams with proven expertise analyze your requirements and determine the best service and solution for you. The configuration of the system designed in line with your needs is determined to the finest detail. Then, the products are procured within the project plan that is created and installed by our system engineers and the system is taken over.


Data Storage Solutions


In the present case, information has become one of the most important and indispensable sources of institutions. Institutions make a large part of their new investments for the purpose of storing, using and managing data. Along with technology, more storage capacity, such as audio and video, besides textual data, has become important in the data required. However, the disk capacities are from GB (gigabyte) to TB (terabyte). The need for more flexible, intelligent and easy-to-manage Data Storage Solutions is essential for high-capacity data to be protected in a healthy and trouble-free manner. Some of the benefits that Data Storage Solutions will offer are:

Shorten the time required to manage and share disk space.
Critical applications, continuous hardware failure to run without concern.
There is no slowdown in the system if the data backup is extended to business hours.
When data needs to be restored, it can be completed within the target time interval.






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