Technology Consulting Services


In today's business life, being powerful and well-equipped, utilizing every area from information to knowledge, is a great advantage for institutions. Effective use of information technology enables optimal management of resources, thereby saving time and personnel, improving quality and productivity.


With its professional consulting team, Metrosoft Software provides strategic consulting services to enable institutions to create more value on the field they are working with. By producing the ideal solutions at every stage of analysis, optimization and integration, it is possible to concentrate more on the main activity areas and to reduce the operational costs to the minimum.

Within the scope of the Technological Services, examination of the existing infrastructure, reporting of the status and usability of the systems, designing the latest technologies to meet the needs in the most accurate manner, and carrying out the dreams in a planned way. Our consultants provide services in all areas required by technology, such as strategy development, analysis and modernization, optimization, feasibility control, integration and installation.

In addition to this, Tuna Bilgi, which offers effective proposals to institutions through its deep sector experience and knowledge in the development of long and medium term IT initiatives, planning, budget management, aims to improve the way of doing business and to gain competitive advantage.

As Metrosoft Software, we concentrate on the importance that we give to the quality of service and the maximum benefit from the studies carried out in the preliminary analysis and editing phase of the work to be done, in a comprehensive way, all the risks and priorities at the point where the service is provided completely and correctly.


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