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Being able to benefit from information technologies in every field in today's business life by being strong and equipped creates big differences and advantages compared to competitors. The effective and active use of information technologies enables the management of resources in the most efficient manner, saving time and personnel, and increasing the quality and efficiency.

With its professional consulting team, Metrosoft offers strategic consulting services to organizations to create more value in the areas in which they work. By creating ideal solutions at every stage of Analysis, Optimization and Integration, institutions are able to concentrate more on their core business areas and minimize operational costs.

Within the scope of Technology Consultancy Services, operations such as analyzing the existing infrastructure, reporting the availability of systems, structuring and implementing the newest technologies to meet the needs are carried out. Our consultants provide services in all areas of technology, such as strategy development, analysis and modernization, optimization, feasibility control, integration and installation.

In addition to these, Metrosoft, which offers effective advice to institutions through deep sector experience and knowledge in the development of long- and medium-term IT strategies, planning and budget management, aims to improve business conduct and provide competitive advantage.

By focusing on all the risks and priorities, we focus on achieving the maximum benefit from the work carried out in the context of technology consultancy services and in all other information technologies, with the importance we attach to the quality of service, the preliminary analysis and editing stages of the work to be carried out, and the complete and accurate provision of the service. success.



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