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We go out of standard patterns and design web sites that use technology of the future.
Unlike other web design agencies, Metrosoft Software offers 'a click away' of what you imagine visually. With the understanding of quality according to many web design firms; it creates your corporate web designs as well as custom designs that are focused on functionality.

How does this website design process work?

Pre-interview and Analysis:
First of all, we analyze your company, determine the target and we are going to you with unique designs in the direction of your requests.
We have our idea!
As a team we discuss on the brief from you and we continue the web design process with the most appropriate idea in the direction of your requests.
Test Phase
After the homepage design approval; Determination of General Concept Design and Site Substations, Harmonization of design with code structure, Test Processes, Data Entries, etc. In short, it carries out all stages of responsibility against fault.
We grow together
For all these steps to be able to walk smoothly, Metrosoft Software is doing its job with all its qualities.




HTML5 Southeastern


The Shine of Innovation

According to a recent research, it has been proven that about 34% of the sites have been converted to HTML5. With HTML5 tags it helps me to write the page hierarchy more regularly and with less code. It works on a stable basis in current browsers.


CSS3 Ease

Dazzling Sites
With CSS3, your web applications and sites may be more attractive and stylish. With CSS3, it's now possible to design responsive web sites called Web 3.0, which can automatically adjust the resolution of your web sites. All of the current browsers support the innovations that CSS3 brings to the web world. It also allows your websites to work more effectively.

Flexibility and Compliance

Responsive Web Design
With Responsive web design technology and web sites with mobile or tablet compatible interfaces, you can get the best image and user experience while easily adapting itself to all devices that have access to the internet without needing a standard resolution.

What are the benefits of Responsive web design?

Easy to use
Of course, the greatest benefit is ease of use. It allows the user to navigate only with finger gestures up and down without enlarging the screen.
Easy Maintenance
Instead of having to design a separate site for each resolution, you will serve all device resolutions under a single domain with a single responsive web design created. This will also make it easier to maintain your website.
Search Engine Optimization
With responsive web design, which is important for Seo, you can add value to your site and get search engines to get the structure you want. The site URL structure will stay the same and will be faster than you can find by search engines.
Lower costs
Instead of creating multiple sites, you can have a web design with less cost thanks to your responsive web design. In this regard, you will have removed additional costs such as hosting and domain. Responsive web designs are created with HTML5 and CSS3 interface coding languages. In order to carry out these studies which require information at advanced level, it is necessary to perform checks for all browsers in order to perform a healthy coding operation. You can also contact us immediately to take advantage of these opportunities.

5 Golden Rule to be in a Website

"5 golden rules that should be on a website" with the scope of our research work we do, in Turkey, 99% of the websites' flour we have observed that according to these rules. Think about a website right now! The graphical interface design is fully customizable with fully customized admin panel, fully optimized by Google optimizations, with top keywords in the Google search engine, on both computers and mobile devices, tablets and all browsers (firefox, chrome, internet explorer, safari etc) are working in the same way, with social media integrations, more active and coding and infrastructure suitable for Google AdWords ads. Moreover, not all of these are copied or prepared, but are entirely tailored to the firm. Request Metrosoft Software offers 'a click away' of all these dreams.



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