Workcube Enterprise Business Portal is a corporate enterprise information system designed to meet all the management needs of an organization. ERP + CRM + SCM + HR + Project Management + CMS + LMS + BPM + Performance Management + B2B + B2C

Workcube A to Z Workcube for Managing Your Processes

The Workcube Enterprise Business Portal solution encompasses all of the functions needed to manage all departments, operations and processes in an enterprise.

Organizations and organizations that use Workcube Enterprise Business Portal with all its functions are institutions that have fully realized the transformation of e-Business and are ready to do business with the world.

Workcube EBP finanstan provides all the communication and collaboration tools from emailing to SMS, from forum to information and document sharing, from all corporate departments, from customer service training to all operations from call center to online sales, from planning to management, from measurement to reporting, The customer is an integrated product that includes all the players in the supplier's economic habitat.

Workcube Enterprise Business Portal can be considered as a complex compound of enterprise software solutions expressed in different categories and definitions in the past and present. From this perspective, Workcube Enterprise Business Portal ERP, MRP, CRM, SCM, CMS, LMS etc. It covers all the functions in the solutions and presents them for the use of institutions in an integrated manner

Licence Type
User Limit
AMD, Intel
Source Code
Application Server
ColdFusion J2EE App Server SE
CFML ve W3C Standarts


Genel Tanıtım Broşürü


Account (Customer & Supplier) Management
Analysis and Reporting
B2B System Management
B2C System Management
Budget Planning
Call Center Management
Campaign Management
Content Management - Literature
Contract Management
Correspondence & Communication Management
Costs & Expenses
Credit and Fund Management
CTI System Integration
Current Accounts
Digital Archive
Finance Management – General
Fixed Assets
HR – Career Portal
HR – Payrolls, Benefits and Compensations
HR – Performance Management
HR - Recruitment
Installment Sales
Inventory Management
Learning Management
My Home - Personalization
Online Classroom and Streaming
Online Payment Integration
Online Procurement
Opportunity Management
Organization Planning
PDA Portal
Physical Asset Management
Planning and Scheduling
POS Integration
Price, Promotion and Action Management
Product Management
Production Management
Project Management
Purchase Proposals
Purchase Orders
Quota Planning
Risk and Assurance Management
Role Planning
Route (Visit) Management
Sales Orders
Sales Planning
Sales Proposals
Service and Warranty Management
Shipments and Logistics
Store – Branch Management
Subscription Management
System Management
Warehouse Management
Work Flow and Process Management

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