WorkCube supports all processes and stages of human resource management of institutions from job training to realistic performance measurement, job posting to retirement.

The scope of the Workcube HR-Career Portal Solution self-service ensures that employees and managers are effectively involved in human resource management and have an easy relationship with the department. The Workcube HR module allows you to meet the national and regional needs of your employees operating in different countries. It has Unicode capability and provides multi currency, different time zones support.

Workcube with HR & Career Portal

You can centrally manage HR processes for all branches and companies (group companies and holdings).
You have easy access to Workcube, a 100% web-based software, with a browser.
You can include an unlimited number of employees and users in the system.
You can create a career portal for your company (or your group) and centralize your recruitment processes.
You can easily perform company and group assignments.
You will significantly reduce your HR infrastructure investment costs.
By creating HR Portal and group intranet, the group's overall vision, mission objectives, etc. you will promote institutional culture.
You increase communication and collaboration among employees.
You can see the total human resources load and development of your company (or your group).
You can foresee the increase in your total additional salary burden in the collective salary increase.
You provide effective norm staff management.
You will receive reports from your console about your human resources.
By saving your human resources software in one shot and keeping it on a central server, you save a significant amount of technological investment and cost of living.

Workcube HR & Career Portal Basic Modules

HR e-Profile Management

It provides complete information on all kinds of information to employees' personal information, contact information from qualification definitions, employee targets, bank accounts, permissions.

HR e-Account Management / Payroll

It enables you to complete all kinds of personal transactions such as salary, welfare benefits, bonuses, collective wage adjustments, official association, compensation accounts, shifts and shifts related to your employees.

HR Planning

It ensures that all positions within the company, the authorities and responsibilities of position employees, all planning and definitions.

HR Performance Management

360º performance management gives you all the functionality you need for career planning and measurement and evaluation.


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User Limit
AMD, Intel
Source Code
Application Server
ColdFusion J2EE App Server SE
CFML ve W3C Standarts

Account (Customer & Supplier) Management
Analysis and Reporting
Content Management - Literature
Correspondence & Communication Management
Digital Archive
HR – Career Portal
HR – Payrolls, Benefits and Compensations
HR – Performance Management
HR - Recruitment
Learning Management
My Home - Personalization
Online Classroom and Streaming
Organization Planning
Project Management
Role Planning
System Management
Work Flow and Process Management

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