WorkCube Partner Business Portal; all business partners with whom the institutions cooperate-provide effective management and management of business and relations with suppliers, vendors, services, persons and companies carrying out joint projects, and distributors.

The ideal platform for a strong collaboration with your business partners ...

Comprehensive channel and supply chain management through Partner portal

Workcube PBP makes communication and business with business partners cooperative and streamlined and reduces the cost of the relationship. The business provides a unique platform for business partners and joint customers to share information on a continuous basis. Production, logistics, sales, service and marketing activities are easily carried out in cooperation with business partners.

Workcube Partner Business Portal Basic Features

1.Workcube Partner Business Portal provides a wide and secure membership management. You decide which partner, which authority is included in the system, and what authority it will have. The institutional authority you want may be included in the system, authorized, authorized to be restricted or left out of the system.

2.Workcube Partner Business Portal allows you to better manage agreements and contracts with your business partners, common projects, and entitlements.

3.Partner Business can track all financial transactions of your business partners through the portal. Extract can be cast. Payments can be made through online payment integration. Collection of payment reminders and payment request functions and your payment problems with your business partners are the problem.

4.Workcube With PBP, your business partners are always informed of any innovations about your company or your products because every information they need is available instantly.

According to Accenture, a well-known consulting firm, the business partners that undertake distribution and sales in many businesses represent 80% of the business's income. Forrester Research's research shows that firms with electronic partnerships with business partners saw an average increase of 17% in revenues and an average reduction of 32% in operating expenses.

5.Workcube With PBP, you can collaborate with your business partners to develop and manage web and email campaigns.

6. Your business partners should submit their online product brochures, catalogs, etc. instantly and send them to their customers via e-mail. Whenever they need to be present in any presentation, they can easily reach to any picture or document and can make accurate and high quality presentations.

7. The latest product information, competitor information and forecasts and all marketing information in the Workcube Partner Business Portal help your partner communicate accurate and up-to-date information to your customers. It makes sales by offering and offering to customers automatically for different product configurations. Your sales channel can also reach the latest stock information instantly, making the product delivery plan easy and not giving the customer any promise to keep.

8. Your dealers and service providers can provide you with the information they need by providing you with the FAQ (frequently asked questions), problem solutions, self-service to the troubleshooting database, and quick service to your customers to solve the problems they encounter.

9.Workcube Partner Business Portal allows your business partners to make real-time orders and purchases.

10. Communication tools such as organizer, address book, online message, conference call, etc. in the 10.Partner Business Portal make your communication with your business partners faster, more efficient and less costly.


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