Workcube offers 100% integrated project management with ERP, CRM, SCM functions. Workcube Project and Business Management Solution, budget, invoice, finance, accounting, inventory, order management, procurement etc. It is fully integrated with other Workcube modules.

Workcube; Provides 100% integrated project management with ERP, CRM, SCM functions.

Workcube is a virtual business that enables businesses, partners and customers to collaborate, interact and share critical business information and documents in some business processes, enable online meetings and discussions, increase the efficiency of businesses, and enable collaborative projects to take place more effectively and quickly environment. All of your players in your economic habitat can become a user of this virtual business environment in the direction of your request and through the Enterprise Business Portal, Partner Portal and Public Portal.

Workcube Proje ve İş Yönetimi Çözümü, bütçe, fatura, harcamalar, finans, muhasebe, stok, sipariş yönetimi, ödemeler, satın alma v.b. diğer Workcube modülleri ile tam bir entegrasyon içindedir. Proje modülündeki bilgiler otomatik olarak diğer modüllere aktarılır ve bu sayede veri girişi belirgin bir biçimde azalmış olur.

Manage Unlimited Number of Projects: You can manage unlimited number of projects in Workcube and associate these projects with one another.

Manage your time and resources: Workcube allows you to keep all the physical assets in your projects and use them in a planned way. With effective time management tools, you can track which worker spends time on what job, measure your actual workforce costs and the performance of your project subcontractors.

Manage Your Project Revenues and Expenses: All sales, purchases, invoices, financial transactions, remuneration, expenses, labor and material costs incurred in your projects are recorded with the Workcube.

Real-time Tracking of Your Projects: With the Workcube you get real-time reports on your projects' navigation, revenue, expenses, materials and labor costs, entitlements, costs, completed jobs, materials and needs.

Workcube, a 100% Web-based solution, makes all the employees, business partners (dealers, subcontractors, suppliers etc.) and even customers in the project work together. It enables people and institutions from different geographies to jointly carry out projects and have continuous communication. All project meetings, e-mails and correspondence are recorded. Customers can easily track the progress of the project in real time online.


Access to the system from anywhere in the world
Role-based user access control
Personalized user homepage
Digital archive that can be organized in unlimited categories and hierarchies
Common agenda
Project management
Creating a business schedule
Project budgeting
Automatic notification
Project material and work force plan
Create a task hierarchy
Comprehensive project follow-up
Under the project, orders, proposals, production and so on. all operations management
Project management cost calculations
Management of production processes
Design processes
Design-based costs
Process of project financing
Approval process design
Project digital and physical assets
Project revenues
Project material stock management
Project time spending
Project expenditure analysis
Easy to use communication tools (web mail / quick message / SMS)
Online conference call
Search for projects, jobs, documents, and content
Being able to follow projects, jobs, digital assets, agenda from a single page

Workcube's powerful communication tools enhance the effectiveness of communication between your employees, business partners and customers.

The user-friendly interface makes communication activities easier and quicker. In this way, you will have the opportunity to communicate more conveniently and cheaper with your business circle. You save time and money while your productivity grows.

Web Mail - inbox-outbox, sent mail, draft mail etc.
Instant Message - online user tracking, sending multiple messages
Correspondence - sending correspondence to one or more recipients, creating correspondence templates for different correspondence forms and corporate identity
Online Conference + Chat function with audio and video
SMS Integration - sending SMS to one or more recipients from within the system
Fax Integration - Send the pages in the system as fax to one or more recipients
Address Book - Comprehensive address book integrated with all other communication modules
Notes and Visitors - The message type is displayed on the user's homepage, with information about the event, leaving the message, saving the associated event and message
Forum - Users can read, search, sort, reply to 7/24 forum messages.


Licence Type
User Limit
AMD, Intel
Source Code
Application Server
ColdFusion J2EE App Server SE
CFML ve W3C Standarts


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Account (Customer & Supplier) Management
Analysis and Reporting
Content Management - Literature
Digital Archive
My Home - Personalization
Organization Planning
Project Management
Role Planning
System Management
Work Flow and Process Management

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