Workcube Public Portal; allowing businesses to interact 24/7 with the entire world. With WorkCube Public Portal, companies can use internet sites effectively for sales, promotion, service and service purposes.

Your website is the most effective meeting point in the world!

Components such as content management, online sales, e-Marketing, e-Service within the Public Business Portal allow businesses to dynamically self-manage their internet sites.


You will be online with your customers to ensure your brand's continuity, and communication must be properly managed. Workcube Public Portal allows you to easily manage your marketing activities with comprehensive E-Marketing solutions. For example, with the powerful Web analysis tools of Workcube Public Portal, which page is visited the most, which of our customers do you want information from? What products did my customer order online? You can find answers to such questions, and in the direction of these answers, you can use your Web site more effectively for marketing purposes. In addition, Workcube Public Portal's powerful personalization function allows you to perform exclusive web and email campaigns only to your customers and increase your sales accordingly.


Workcube Public Portal offers customers a comprehensive e-commerce function that allows real-time ordering and purchasing. With the Workcube online sales module, your customers can select the products they want from the multimedia product catalog, get the related products and information about the previous product, examine the costs of the products one by one and extract the desired product from the shopping cart or order it, it makes payments in a secure manner. This way your website can easily sell to your customers with the most up-to-date and accurate information, expert advice and vertical and cross-selling capability, just like your best salesperson working within your company.

The modules in the Workcube Public Portal have very specific functions that will allow you to make online sales campaigns to your self service director, add new products and prices as you like.


Workcube Public Portal offers a wide range of service and problem solution options to provide you with self service, fast and consistent service. In Workcube Public Portal, you can automatically direct the service request entered in the web site to your most suitable employee or partner. Your customers can get the information they need and get fast service by reaching the SSS (frequently asked questions), problem solutions, self-service to the troubleshooting database and searching through the workcube in order to solve the problems they encounter. This allows you to save for support units and call centers, which will significantly reduce the budget.

In addition, thanks to the Web analytics tools in the Workcube, the most problematic topics, the most visited pages, the most complaining products, etc. you can easily view the information.

Content Management

With Content Management tool included in Workcube Public Portal solution, you have the chance to design and live an unlimited number of web sites. With the menu design tool you have the chance to design different menus for different types of users. The content editor in the Content Management module has all the functions (character management, indentation, table, link addition, image addition, stuffing, and more) found in a text software as well as creating navigation flow, associated content and document publishing.


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AMD, Intel
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ColdFusion J2EE App Server SE
CFML ve W3C Standarts


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Account (Customer & Supplier) Management
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Campaign Management
Content Management - Literature
Digital Archive
Inventory Management
My Home - Personalization
Online Payment Integration
Organization Planning
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Product Management
Role Planning
Sales Orders
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Work Flow and Process Management

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