The Workcube Supply Chain Management Solution enables businesses to manage purchasing operations online in order to obtain raw materials, products and services at the most efficient and optimum cost.

With Workcube SCM Solution, all expenditures in the enterprise are managed more easily and effectively. The SCM Solution not only improves the relationship with suppliers, but also significantly reduces purchasing costs.

Transforms your business and relationships with your suppliers into flexible and business-based business processes.

With Workcube SCM's real-time analysis and reporting tool you can easily measure the performance of your suppliers, see clearly the problems experienced in procurement, make quick decisions and increase your bargaining power with your suppliers.

Workcube SCM allows you to manage your supply chain in a synchronized manner so that it can easily respond to customer requests and changes in your procurement needs. Regular supply chain performance reports from Workcube SCM are very important in this respect. The supply chain, which operates in a harmonious and orderly manner, makes it easy for your employees to offer solutions that will satisfy customers in the fastest and most efficient way.

Workcube SCM Functions

It allows you to manage all expenses in your business from a single center.
Activate your supply chain.
It allows you to closely monitor supplier performance.
It eliminates the problems in supply.
Significantly reduces your operational costs.
Workcube provides fast and practical purchasing using automatic workflow approval, electronic data transfer (including XML and EDI), e-mail, automatic fax and electronic catalogs.
With Workcube SCM, suppliers can easily use their personal pages to view your production schedule, monitor stock quantities, check current accounts, bill online, receive online orders, and follow their own performance. All of this ensures that the relationship between your business and your suppliers is managed in a much more productive and cost-effective manner.
With Workcube SCM, you make demand and supply plans in a realistic and profitable way.
Price, quality, service level, duration of supply etc. you can classify your suppliers by taking into consideration the factors that maximize your control over your supply chain and your bargaining power.
You supply products and services at the optimum cost and in the most efficient manner.
Automated ordering and minimum stock alert functions prevent your stocks from being missing or oversized.
You fulfill customer demands quickly and reliably.
Prevent product losses by actively following the returned product on both the customer and the supplier.


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