In today's competitive conditions, traditional management reports are not sufficient for organizations to decide about the future. Quickly accessing the accumulated data and analyzing with advanced analytical methods, making sense of the data enables the institutions to take the necessary decisions in order to continue their existence.


With its advanced analytics and data science solutions, Metrosoft stands by its customers to answer the most demanding business questions. With this work we do to realize this, we reveal data patterns, make forward-looking predictions, and identify hidden clusters within the data. With these services, we create and interpret value from data. In this way, we aim to make our customers get ahead in the high competition environment with the decisions they take in the light of the data.



IQSL Ürün Ailesi


Metrosoft makes a difference with its large data and advanced analytics solutions. Under the umbrella of üc IQPlus Big Data and Advanced Analytical Applications üc, the company produces products that companies need the most, and offers solutions on a large data architecture with high processing power through products such as Pricing Analytics, Demand Forecasting, Shift Optimization, and Real Time Image Processing.


With Pricing Analytics, you can measure the level of elasticity of your products, generate demand forecasts with fixed and dynamic prices through machine learning algorithms, and get the final pricing information by including the promotional effect. With demand forecasting, methods based on time series analysis and techniques based on cause and effect relationship, you can predict with accuracy, trend and repeated fluctuations with high accuracy.


With Shift Optimization, you can ensure that your existing human resources provide maximum service to the customer at any time.