ERP - FA (Finance-Accounting)
ERP - SD (Sales Distribution)
ERP - MM (Manufacturing)
CRM - Customer Relations
HR - Human Resources
PMS - Project Management
PAM - Physical Asset Management
CMS - Content Management
DAM - Digital Asset Management
LMS - Education Management
e-Conversion Solutions
BI - Analysis and Reporting Tool
SUBO - Subscription
POS - Retail
B2B & B2C Framework
ERP - FA (Finance-Accounting)  

Metrosoft Service Support department consists of experts who have the training and experience to help our customers with all kinds of technical issues.


The institutions that have implemented Workcube applications receive maintenance and support services on a monthly basis. Our customers' e-mail questions are answered within the scope of maintenance support. 5/9 telephone and on-site technical support service can be given to designated days. The scope of the agreements can be extended to the allocation of the company to the specific technical manager. In addition, Workcube customers who have a special service agreement are provided with upgrade assistance, continuous site monitoring, semi-monthly system reviews and special services for updating the system.


Development Support


Workcube development support has been created following the project closures, in order to meet the specific needs of the Workcube customers, which may develop over time. Workcube Business Objects includes training and support contents of ColdFusion and Java components. Workcube Open-Source Package is designed to support development in accordance with your goals.




The correct use of the institutions by Workcube for the purposes of the project is monitored in certain periods. Reports are analyzed and missing data entries are detected and quality of use procedures and routines are determined. The benchmark result is reported and recommendations are made for operational problems.

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