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Users, super-users, developers and project managers who have been trained and completed certification processes; it produces more value for businesses, increases productivity. Metrosoft regularly announces regular on-line and online trainings on its Web site. Metrosoft Catalyst users can also purchase these training services in their own office or in groups of users.




Project Management and Implementation Training

How should you manage Metrosoft Catalyst ERP, CRM, HR or a different software project? What universal methods should you use? What do you need to know for the success of your project?

Who should attend: Metrosoft partners, company executives using Metrosoft, IT administrators and employees.

Functional Trainings

With function-oriented training such as Finance Accounting, Production, Payroll, Marketing, Supply Chain, users learn all the details of Metrosoft's products or modules.

Who should participate: Metrosoft partners, company manager and employees using Metrosoft.

Code Development Training

It is included in this training to develop applications, add new functions, make customizations, create reports, and design templates. These tutorials include basic software standards and languages ​​such as HTML, JavaScript, CFML, CSS, XML, SQL, JB components, as well as Metrosoft-specific curricula for developers of different levels. These trainings will help you to expand your own Metrosoft.

Who should participate: Metrosoft partners, software developers who want to develop on ColdFusion, firmware teams who want to make independent customization on the Metrosoft Catalyst system.

Database Training

The architecture, structure, database design and reporting approaches of Metrosoft Catalyst databases are included in this training.

Who Should Participate: Software experts who want to prepare desktop and web applications, aim to support career in the software industry and support the success of the software world with Metrosoft certificates.


In parallel with the development of the ERP market, these trainings aim to meet the growing need of ERP experts.

This program, which is an opportunity for those who want to gain competence in human resources applications, as Metrosoft ERP and Metrosoft HR Specialist offers a training opportunity for those who want to pursue a career in both areas. Those who complete and successfully complete both specialization courses are certified.

Who Should Attend: Industrial and computer engineering, business, ITU 4th grade students, graduates and those who want to gain proficiency in this field, as well as those who wish to work in the field of Human Resources, who wish to work in the field of human resources, who want to work in the field of human resources or Those who want to move forward. Metrosoft partners, Metrosoft users.

All Metrosoft online and classroom training is provided by Metrosoft head office.
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