Workcube Training

Metrosoft implementation consultants provide custom user training on the site for solution users, on-site or in Metrosoft training classes, in projects where workcube projects are in vogue. In these trainings which are given on the department basis, the users are provided with practical exercises on an individual applied examples and they are provided to use the Workcube smoothly. In the trainings, special educational documents for the project that the users can apply after the trainings are also prepared and distributed to the participants.

Certification Trainings

Specialist Training

Workcube Specialist Training makes you specialized in pre-sales analysis, sales, process analysis, project management, implementation, testing and support in Workcube solutions. You can take an active role in Workcube customers by taking Workcube Expert Training in one or more topics and you can continue your work independently as a Workcube partner.





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