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Choosing the right server solutions for critical business applications and data management is crucial for business continuity and data security. Sistem Bilgisayar, with its expert sales and technical team, provides pre-sales and post-sales value-added services with server models that provide maximum capacity and performance, from beginner to highest level, to meet your today and future business needs. Our company is a partner of leading manufacturers such as Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens for easy and manageable, flexible, scalable and affordable server models; Servers supply, installation, commissioning, operating system installation, software and hardware configuration solutions.


Some of the related services we provide are:

- Pre-sales analysis studies
- Capacity planning according to the applications to be used (CPU, RAM, Disk, RAID, etc.)
- Integration work with existing servers
- Server consolidations
- Installation, maintenance and support services


Data Storage Solutions


Today, data is one of the most important and indispensable sources of institutions. Most of the investments are made for data storage, use and management. In addition to text data, disc capacities increased from GB (gigabyte) levels to TB (terabyte) levels due to the expansion of data requiring more storage capacity such as audio and video. More flexible, intelligent and easily managed data storage solutions are needed to ensure that this intensive data is maintained in a healthy and trouble-free manner.

The benefits offered by this approach can be listed as follows;
Reducing the amount of time required to manage and share disk spaceContinuously running critical applications without worrying about continuous hardware failure If the data backup extends to business hours, there is no deceleration in the system. When data needs to be restored, it can be completed within the targeted time interval.

In parallel with the increasing needs, data storage technologies have been developed, DAS (direct attached storage), NAS (network attached storage) and SAN (storage area network) systems are widely used.

Directed Attached Storage (DAS)

It is the solution that occurs with the direct connection of the device to which the data will be stored to the device to be stored. The device to which the DAS is connected accepts the storage unit as its local (local) disk and operates accordingly.

Network Attach Storage (NAS)

It is a system that can be accessed by devices on the network, that stores the data that is sent and provides access to this data, which has an embedded operating system and is based on the client / server relationship in the classical server systems.

According to the requirements, the capacity of NAS devices can be expanded with additional disks. The reason for using NAS devices instead of file server is security. As with file servers, it is more secure against incoming attacks because it is not the client side of the operating system on NAS devices.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

High-speed network with shared storage. All storage devices on the LAN or WAN are available to the entire network with SAN technology. More storage devices can be added to the network and can be made available to network storage units.


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