Red Hat JBoss Mobile Aplacation Plartforms


Mobile application development, ongoing iterations and deployment processes require you to rethink your application architecture, technology, development methodology, roles and responsibilities for success.

The Red Hat Mobile Application Platform gives you support in a powerful development, integration and deployment process; Moreover, it does not matter whether your application is a native, hybrid or mobile web application. The platform allows different teams to work together in multiple projects without interfering with each other. You manage the security and policies management centrally. With the convenience of MBaaS, you can easily handle integrations and choose to store cloud for deployment.


Introducing Red Hat Mobile Application Platform,


Red Hat Mobile Application Platform speeds up the development, integration, deployment, and management of mobile apps for businesses. The platform offers a suite of features that embrace collaborative app development, centralized control of security and back-end integration, and deployment in the cloud or on-premise. Enterprise mobile developers and DevOps teams can build mobile apps and services that can be used and reused across multiple organization-wide mobile projects. Developers can use the client-side tools of their choice while still accessing platform functionality for integration, collaboration, deployment and management.





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