ERP - FA (Finance-Accounting)
ERP - SD (Sales Distribution)
ERP - MM (Manufacturing)
CRM - Customer Relations
HR - Human Resources
PMS - Project Management
PAM - Physical Asset Management
CMS - Content Management
DAM - Digital Asset Management
LMS - Education Management
e-Conversion Solutions
BI - Analysis and Reporting Tool
SUBO - Subscription
POS - Retail
B2B & B2C Framework
DAM - Digital Asset Management

The universal cataloging capability of Workcube Catalyst allows you to organize your digital assets together with all the details. Your employees can reach the documents they require in a very short period of time, at any time, and with great ease.

The fundamental advantages offered by the Workcube Catalyst Digital Asset Management solution include multi-format support, revision tracking, customized archive access, effective centralized storage, and management.

The archive application has a private archiving feature that allows you to create a digital archive of finance, sales, or another department or person. 


Workcube DAM - Digital Asset Management allows you to share your digital assets with your customers and business partners (suppliers, vendors, etc.) via your B2B or B2C websites. Your partners and employees can quickly access and display to your customers their digital assets in all their activities.


Workcube DAM - Digital Asset Management integrates seamlessly with all other Catalyst products and serves as a central repository for all document and digital assets added to your system from different channels.



Digital Asset Management
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