Discovery and Design


 Data Center solutions are required to be housed within each enterprise or to be kept within the companies that serve this purpose. Data Centers are specially designed areas which include system servers, storage and backup systems, network layers. Data Centers are the most difficult structure that can be taken back after installation. A detail that you miss or an unnecessary application may cause you to lose huge costs and reputation over time.


The Data Center does not mean that you will not need a solution or structure that you have not used since the time it was installed. The redundancy and attention to detail in your building will indicate its importance when needed. Security, redundancy and continuity are the primary reason Data Center exists.


For all your workloads, we offer new technology and norms of Data Center solutions.


Today's data centers need more cost-effective, easy-to-manage, trouble-free and fast-growing solutions as well as cost-effective solutions.



As Metrosoft, we provide turnkey project services with our expert team in many fields such as infrastructure, elevated floor systems, energy, air conditioning, monitoring, security, system room design to ensure uninterrupted business continuity in the existing data center and new data center solutions to be created.


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