Workcube Software Development and Integration

Metrosoft also offers software solutions on the Workcube to meet the needs of businesses and offers integration solutions with third party software.

It provides added value to its customers by producing end-to-end solutions that are easy to use, process-oriented, and easy to use with an experienced team. There are 3 types of software development and integration. One type examines the business processes of the client and works on integration of the workcube tools into these business processes. Additional software development may be needed in this section. Once the enhancements have been made, they are customized with the aim of not damaging the next version updates.

The second type is software development for integration purposes. Some companies use multiple applications for business processes and they need to integrate with each other. At this stage, MetrosoftDeveloper will provide web services, XML, etc. to meet the integration needs of enterprises.

The third type is report development. Although the customer does not want to use the reports in the Workcube standard library after implementation, they may also need special report development in some special cases. At this stage, MetrosoftDevelopers analyze the template, develop it and deliver it to the customer.

Code Development Trainings

You want to improve your e-Business applications with your IT staff or extend your existing applications. You can study the comprehensive Workcube e-Business Library, which includes CFML, JAVA, SQL, XML, HTML, DHTML, JS and ActionScript components. Workcube e-Business Library; the world's number one web development environment is on the Adobe Tool Set. And it has worldwide support. Rapid application development environment and easy learning and Workcube experience are within these trainings.

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