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Xinuos OpenServer™ 10 


A more powerful business platform


Xinuos OpenServer 10 is a 64-bit operating system based on the popular FreeBSD and designed to support business applications within an enterprise environment.


Xinuos OpenServer 10 supports the latest hardware and peripherals and gives you more choices for business applications. New support, security, and management tools boost performance, scalability, and reliability so business runs more smoothly.


As an all-in-one platform, the system supports applications, edge-of-network services, and mail, web, file, and print servers. And because it’s based on UNIX® technology, Xinuos OpenServer 10 keeps your network running 24x7 so you can focus on growing your business. Download is free with web-based installation and support bundles are available for easy, affordable access to 24x7 support, maintenance, upgrades, and Xinuos-certified applications.


Key features

  • Firewalls
  • Advanced security
  • Containers/Jails
  • Linux emulation
  • bhyve
  • OpenZFS
  • Unmapped I/O

More choices for applications


With support for the FreeBSD® Ports and Packages Collection you’ll have a simple way for users and administrators to install applications as soon as they’re available. Paid support gives you access to the exclusive Xinuos

 Application Collection.




Xinuos OpenServer 10 lets you stay current with new technology, add new devices without incompatibilities, and rest assured that your system scales for the future.


TCO savings


With a system that’s easy to use, there’s little training needed for your IT staff and users. And because Xinuos OpenServer 10 stays up and running reliably it’s less costly to maintain and support. You can even remotely manage your system to help keep costs in check.


Remote management


New for Xinuos OpenServer 10 are optional remote management tools to keep your systems up and running without constant attention. Our browser-based server management system is accessible from any device with an intuitive dashboard to manage your hardware, operating system, and applications. You can also securely monitor abnormal events and take immediate action with real-time alerts and remote progress monitoring.


Ease of use


Xinuos OpenServer 10 makes IT management simpler. The graphical workstation supports AMD GPUs, nVidia graphics hardware, and industry-standard Motif® and OpenGL® libraries. The Xfce graphical desktop is a default and KDE and GNOME are available. All industry-standard office suites are included.


You can connect remotely to Xinuos OpenServer 10 using Xrdp or OpenSSH. Xrdp allows any Windows®-based RDP client to connect. The popular RDP client is available on all platforms, including Mac, mobile, and other *ix.


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