It is a hotspot solution used to secure internet access in places such as hotels, cafes, educational institutions and guest networks where public wireless network services are provided.

Your company can create a custom welcome screen, you can easily identify different authentication methods. You can register internet access and fulfill the requirements of 5651 Act.
With Firewall and filtering features, you can manage your internal network and consolidate your guest network into a single device. You can also use these features for your guests and block access to your guests' internal network.
With the ability to work with different operating systems and browsers, you can create a browser-independent welcome screen, easily sign in from smartphones or tablets.

Coslat Hotspot Properties

* English Web interface,
* Define customizable welcome screen,
* With Electronic Time Stamp in compliance with the Law of 5651, signed record keeping,
* Ability to specify local user accounts,
* To be able to determine the validity period of the account with time definition,
* Bulk user can specify the group name,
* SMS username and password can be sent,
* Registration by SMS,
* Sign in with Facebook account,
* Define different interfaces to different networks,
* Notification of User Registration by Mail,
* Sponsor approval for user registrations,
* Administrator approval for user registrations,
* GSM Blacklist in sending SMS,
* User-based quota setting,
* Automatic registration with TC Identity Number verification,
* Automatic recording options to define the account duration,
* Integration with Radius Server,
* Permission to allow unauthorized output with allowed Mac and IP address identification,
* Allowed Mac and IP address can be specified in the bandwidth specification,
* Define general bandwidth,
* Opening account with ticket definition,
* Can work with different networks as well as with a single network,
* User and group based restrictions can be created,
* Configurable as Routing, Nat and Bridge,
* Url (Web page) information to be able to record,
* To be able to provide internet usage of internet users homogeneously with bandwidth limiter,
* At the same time, as you can overwrite the records on the file server, ftp server, other locations,
* Automatic backup over the network according to the specified backup,
* Intrusion Detection and Blocking system provides high security,
* Constantly updated blacklist with blocking known malicious and objectionable web sites,
* Active Directory integration allows user names to be imported into Active Directory,
* DHCP server and DHCP Relay Agent (DHCP Relay Agent) can be configured,
* Providing internet access by reflecting SMS to the customer via interactive SMS,
* Customizable welcome screen for guest networks,
* Maximum number of simultaneous connections can be defined,
* Can not terminate the idle timeout when clients' connections are not used,
* Limit internet usage by defining timeout period,
* Popup screen with session tracking,
* Ensuring that users are routed to a specified URL after the session,
* MAC filtering,
* IP can specify the specific bandwidth to the MAC address,
* You can create custom authentication rules for IP addresses in the specified MAC address,
* Providing services with HTTP and HTTPS,
* Easily upload desired interfaces to the system with file manager,
* Keeping user accounts on the system,
* Authentication through RADIUS and Domain,
* Ensuring that an online account is created,
* Providing session management via SMS,
* You can create TckimlikNo, GSM No, IP, MAC, URL and user based reports,
* Interactive SMS to provide internet access for guests,
* Ability to work integrated with 3rd party applications via Web API,
* Automatic user groups can be created,
* Ticket usage and internet hours can be given,
* Integration with SMS providers (Kalenet, Hermes, Codec, Conversation, Mail Güvercini, Smart Message, Data Port, Current SMS providers)
* Providing the common use of multiple internet lines,
* Blacklist Mac feature to prevent unwanted users from accessing,
* External Database Integration with hotel software, applications such as door entry systems, user account verification,
* Continuously updated Blacklists with Turkish web site filtering can apply,
* Provides secure access service with Https.






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