about us


Our company, which operates as the creator of firsts in technology, was founded in 2006. Today, we are the leading system integration and field services company in the information and communication technologies market with our employees.

We have business partnerships with leading, international manufacturers and solution providers that shape the information and communication technologies sector. We have an organization that can provide all IT services with high customer satisfaction by combining our expertise in system integrator with our on-site installation, maintenance and support services competencies and using our extensive field strength throughout the country.

We help our customers to manage their budget, time and human resources in the most effective way and create value with their IT investments by managing technology correctly with our technology knowledge, field expertise and project experience.

Our principle is to do our job “well”

We offer integrated solutions at all stages of the right IT solutions that will help our customers achieve their business goals. Our competencies that enable us to do our job “well”:

1. Our Solution and Service Portfolio

Our analysis, design, scaling and planning studies for the creation of the solution we offer within the scope of consultancy and professional services in the field of system integration are carried out at our customers' own premises and with their own teams. Network, security, hardware and application solutions are presented and reported end-to-end within the framework of enterprise architectures. All components for the architecture, created after solution and consultancy activities, are implemented together with installation services by network, security and backoffice teams under the leadership of professional project management.

In all of the planning, architectural design, development, implementation, adaptation, management, support and maintenance processes of your IT projects; We offer a wide range of solutions from corporate system solutions to network solutions, from professional services to technology consultancy and outsourcing services.

2. Our Professional Team

Our employees are able to offer services in different areas of expertise. Our technical certificate employee in our team certifies our expertise.

3. Our Experienced and Happy Staff

Our project experience is the result of our staff with an average of 10 years of engineering experience. In addition, 72% of our employees have been working under this roof for more than five years. We find this ratio, which shows corporate memory, knowledge and employee satisfaction, very valuable.

4. Our Service Infrastructure Covering All of Turkey

We can provide services to 81 provinces of Turkey. With this widespread organization, we ensure the realization of your multi-point distributed IT integration projects and the continuity of your operations. Where you are, we are there.

5. Our Leading Business Partners

We use the technology and experience of more than 25 international technology business partners, who are pioneers in their fields, in order to offer the right solution.


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