Workcube Support

Metrosoft Service Support Department consists of experts who have training and experience to assist our customers in any technical issues.

Organizations passing the Workcube application receive maintenance and support services on a monthly basis. In the case of maintenance support, our customers' e-mail questions are answered. 5/9 telephone and on-site technical support service for specified days. The scope of the agreements can be extended up to the allocation of technical managers to the institution. In addition, Workcube customers who have a special service agreement are given special services for upgrade assistant, continuous site monitoring, system monitoring every six months and updating the system.

Development Support

Workcube Development Support was created after project closings by considering specific code printing requirements to meet the specific needs that Workcube customers could develop over time. Workcube includes training and support content consisting of Business Objects, ColdFusion, and Java components. Development Support is designed according to your goals in Workcube Open-Source Package.


The correct use of the Workcube by the institutions in line with the project objectives is monitored with certain periods. The reports are analyzed and incomplete data entry is determined and the quality of the use procedures and routines is determined. The benchmark result is reported and suggestions are made to business problems.

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