Integrated Communication Solutions - IP Telephony & Video Conferencing


Integrated Communication Solutions - IP Telephony & Video Conferencing




IP Telephony It is the transmission of voice and fax calls via IP (Internet Protocol) over data networks. Nowadays, video calls can also be realized through these systems. IP telephony is the result of the transformation of circuit-switched telephone networks into packet-based telephone networks, and has gained benefits such as voice compression, flexible and sophisticated transmission techniques, and rich service use.


With IP Telephony Technologies;

  • The dependence on desk-top phones is eliminated, and with mobility features, all phones can only be logged into the user phone.
  • Thanks to the IP connection to be established between different units, communication costs can be saved in a large country. As all voice traffic is transmitted over the data line, there is no additional charge for inter-unit conversations.
  • With IPT power plants, the capacity increase can be realized quickly and comfortably.
  • IP plants can be programmed and maintained in a simple manner.
  • With SIP, the standard communication protocol for IP telephony systems, third party SIP-enabled telephones can be registered to any IP exchange.
  • Thanks to its IP infrastructure, it is open to integration with different software and social media tools. In this way, more than one communication tool can be used from one interface.
  • Video IP Telephones provide video conferencing with Soft Phone (Software Based Phone) to be installed on computers.
  • Mobile devices such as Smart Cell Phones, Tablet PCs which are frequently used in daily life can be integrated into the system as IP Phone.

Cisco Call Manager can support up to 7,500 IP phones on a single server. Call Manager groups are created to increase both system capacity and redundancy. In one Cluster, 40,000 IP telephones can be operated as a single power plant, and interconnectors with 300,000 IP telephones can work together.


Metrosoft, with its own engineers involved in IPT design, provides installation and maintenance services to its customers.




Video Conferencing Systems are the next generation of communication, a technology that allows simultaneous voice and video calls to be held at multiple locations.

Video Conferencing Technologies;


  • Thanks to this technology, which is among the new generation communication technologies, communication and information sharing are provided with the appropriate costs for every size enterprise.
  • Accelerates project and business processes with practical use. Offers high scaling capabilities.
  • It contributes to the protection of investments by saving time and transportation.
  • High quality and effective user experience ensures efficiency increase.

Cisco Telepresence: Everywhere for Everyone


Cisco provides a wide range of endpoints, deployment models, and interoperability to make Telepresence available to anyone and everywhere. Cisco offers many types of meeting experience, from special, realistic video communication experiences for group meetings to multi-purpose personal telepresence solutions and video-enabled telephony and software clients. It provides flexible deployment models that will fit your budget requirements and help you scale your deployment, as well as providing an open and standard-based connection that extends the video search system that can be realized with everyone for colleagues, partners and customers. Telepresence enables you to secure your investment and offers the flexibility you need.


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