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Virtualization technology, with the most general lines of physical hardware, multiple operating systems to be installed, allowing the operation of multiple operating systems on a single machine. The virtualization process and many advantages provided in the field of information technologies have enabled virtualization to become a frequently used method.


With virtualization technologies;
Maximum efficiency is obtained from physical resources and capacity, Equipment investment costs are reduced, Operational and maintenance costs in physical devices are reduced, Software and hardware dependencies are eliminated, Central management and management are provided with ease, System room expenses are saved significantly and energy efficiency is increased, Installation, upgrading, new server creation, such as the process becomes easier, Shared usage is possible. Advanced and reliable virtualization platforms such as Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Application Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Network Virtualization in the fields of organizations, IT infrastructure will simplify, operational work we offer solutions that will reduce costs, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide continuity in critical systems and applications.

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