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Metrosoft Data Center Services for Continuous Service, Productivity

In a rapidly digitalizing world, Metrosoft aims to implement current and accurate technologies, determine your technological needs, position the right product and solution components to meet your expectations, and ensure the efficient operation of your operation.

with a wide range of products and solutions owned by BTA it offers a welcome chance from a single point your infrastructure requirements and setup in global standards with fully equipped technical staff, end-to-end consulting and Turkey provides maintenance services in the same service level in general.

With data center management services that you can arrange according to your needs and requests while providing hosting services with data centers in 3 different locations in Istanbul and Ankara, they provide solutions that will ensure your business continuity at all times.


Your Cloud Computing Guide Maximus


Your partner, Metrosoft, is always on your side so you can experience the benefits of technology without wasting your resources. Featuring all the advantages of cloud computing, Maximus cloud services bring new technologies to your feet and manage all your energy to your business by managing them from a single address.

Turkey and enterprise cloud market leader Maximus cloud service flexibility, self-service platform and eases your burden with features pay as you use, are following constant current technology with our expert team and develop their infrastructure to support the latest cloud computing technologies.


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