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  ERP – Sales & Distribution   

The Workcube Catalyst Sales & Distribution product, developed for distribution, retail, and warehousing businesses, brings you all the functions you need to manage your procurement, sales and logistics processes in different locations in a single, centralized manner.

Regardless of the volume of your business, the breadth of your procurement network, and the number of your sales and distribution locations, it enables real-time and easy streaming, monitoring and reporting of your products, information and documents in the entire process from procurement proposal to delivery of goods to the customer.

Workcube Catalyst allows you to make purchasing, warehousing, quotation, ordering, and shipment processes fast and accurate

The Sales & Distribution agenda shows instant reports of your sales and procurement processes from products arriving at the re-supply point to shipment orders. So you get instant access to the information you seek, while reducing your costs and your risk.


With real-time and 360° reporting, you make the right decisions and immediately get into the action. Not only for your field operations, Workcube Catalyst Sales & Distribution is the most affordable solution for managing your sales and procurement processes in a digital environment with Workcube B2B and B2C platforms that can be easily and 100% integrated.



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