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CRM - Customer Relations
HR - Human Resources
PMS - Project Management
PAM - Physical Asset Management
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  HR Human Resources     

Plan your organization with Workcube Catalyst HR; bring your remote offices, factories, and work places together on the internet. From single-unit operation to group companies, Workcube Catalyst HR offers the ideal solution for all business sizes.



With Catalyst HR’s role-based structure, all authorities, responsibilities, and positions become clear in your business. Workcube Catalyst HR has a number of functions to help you make the right staff choices. Workcube Catalyst HR also manages all employees' information, personnel files, salary plans, permissions, shifts, scorecards, and payroll.


Workcube Catalyst HR supports the entire process at every stage of human resource management for organizations -from job posting to retirement, from organizational design to realistic performance measures. Self-service functions that employees can easily access to follow information such as advance payments, permissions, visit requests, payroll, overtime, PACS, targets, awards, warnings, etc. This interface enables employees to communicate quickly with their HR department.


Workcube Catalyst HR supports the entire process at every stage of human resource management of organizations- from recruitment to retirement, from organizational design to realistic performance measures. 


HR - OP (Organization Planning)


You can create an organizational structure with unlimited width and hierarchy. You can define your companies, branches, departments, and positions together with all the detailed information. Organizational Planning Management also allows the definition of business groups for specific purposes.


HR - PAY (Payroll and Personal Works)


This allows you to manage all your activities related to your employees from a single central interface, such as salary, payroll, social assistance, bonuses, collective wage arrangements, and relationships with government agencies.


HR - PM (Performance Management)


Workcube Catalyst HR provides detailed and real-time performance tracking and analysis. With Workcube Performance management, you can set targets for your employees, follow sales quotes, track time spans, make assessments, and identify training and development needs of your employees. You can create unlimited assessment forms with various content, and associate the forms you create with the terms, positions, and position categories.



HR - OP (Organization Planning) Organizational Planning / Role Planning / Schemes / Employee Information / Recruitment

HR - PAY (Payroll and Personal Information) Personnel Management / Salaries and Benefits / Payroll and Score Card / Declarations / Time and Attendance / Discipline / Health and Safety

HR - PM (Performance Management) Performance System Design and Management



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