ERP - FA (Finance-Accounting)
ERP - SD (Sales Distribution)
ERP - MM (Manufacturing)
CRM - Customer Relations
HR - Human Resources
PMS - Project Management
PAM - Physical Asset Management
CMS - Content Management
DAM - Digital Asset Management
LMS - Education Management
e-Conversion Solutions
BI - Analysis and Reporting Tool
SUBO - Subscription
POS - Retail
B2B & B2C Framework
  B2B & B2C Framework         

Artık internet iş dünyasının ayrılmaz bir parçası. Tanıtımdan satışa, satın almadan eğitime işinizin önemli bir bölümünde müşterileriniz, tedarikçileriniz, satış kanalınız veya takipçilerinizle internet üzerinde buluşuyorsunuz.


B2B & B2C Framework solution to create and manage fully integrated web sites, e-commerce sites, dealer-supplier portals, training sites, HR-Career portals, open-source project management portals offers the possibility.


You conduct and manage your business and relationships, purchases, sales and business transactions effectively in a digital environment with all your business partners, suppliers, dealers, services, collaborators and companies, global distributors. Your communication and business are synchronized and streamlined in both digital and real environments, and your cost of your relationship drops significantly. 


From content management to payment systems integration, you have all the functions you need to develop your business, communication and relationships on the internet, and you can easily manage and update your living dynamic sites without being externally dependent.



Integration and Frame Work (Per-installation, not User-based)

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