ERP - FA (Finance-Accounting)
ERP - SD (Sales Distribution)
ERP - MM (Manufacturing)
CRM - Customer Relations
HR - Human Resources
PMS - Project Management
PAM - Physical Asset Management
CMS - Content Management
DAM - Digital Asset Management
LMS - Education Management
e-Conversion Solutions
BI - Analysis and Reporting Tool
SUBO - Subscription
POS - Retail
B2B & B2C Framework
  LMS- Learning Management System        

The Learning Management and eLearning modules enable enterprises to centrally manage all training activities and to facilitate online training. With the Workcube Learning Management System, you can plan training for your employees, partners, and even for your customers.

With Catalyst Learning Management System and eLearning module, which are integrated directly with the Catalyst HR Solution, it is easy to create training content for different positions, to create courses, to register trainees in courses, and to automatically bring these courses to trainees' screens. Once the trainings have been completed, the performance tests, assessments, and results related to the given trainings are easily prepared, followed, and managed. 

You can see your training calendar on a single screen on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. From a single central soruce, you can manage all information, documents, and actions related to your trainings, such as the purpose of the training, the educator, the date, the time, the budget, the participants, the related documents, the content, the evaluations, and the invitation letter. 

Depending on different criteria such as competency, branch, department, and position type, you can create and publish training for different users in different categories and topics. 

The eLearning module in the solution enables you to deliver and evaluate your corporate training for all company employees, business partners, or customers in an online environment.

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