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Electrical panels, all the specifications and standards specified in the specifications meet the specifications used in autogas stations instead of the classical control board used in the automation panel, without the need for classical board control and control. It is a system that can be managed by the Scada control from remote areas or offices and it is an effective contribution to providing security of life, property and environment. It is independent of human factor. It is implemented by us.


  • Terminal and plant automation, Tanker automation and tracking, Autogas station automation, Market stock sales automation, Forklift filling station automation, CNG Filling station automation, LNG systems automationSKID Systems management and automation, Automation solutions for demand,


Systems that control and control the system can be managed through the Internet with interfering reporting system.

  • Point to point automation and reporting system,
  • Terminal plant automation,
  • Terminal and plant automation solutions
  • Tanker automation and tracking


Information such as the type of product received from the supply point, processing of information such as the tanker rot and the routing of the routing habits are provided. Tanker Autogas station supply with the amount of supply and product properties to be made by the authorization to be made. In addition to the request to be made by the distribution company on the information received from the server can give a defined amount of product, the end of the dispatch can be taken from the printer as a printout. .


  • Autogas Station Automation
  • Autogas station to control the complete control over the internet and Scada program to work is provided.
  • Danger or alarms in the station will be checked and announced in the information display
    Replenishment of the tanker is done by authorized, reports such as sales and shift reports can be taken from the station
    Auto order is opened by providing automatic notification of the supply.


  • Provides report creation of all event and other information to the central office.
    Office Automation Enables the customer to see the amount of customer received from the customer monitor
    Shift sales information is received, filling or replenishment needs are determined by creating reports or allarim.



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