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  SUBO - Subscription Management        

Workcube Catalyst Subscription Management Solution provides you with all the components you need to effectively manage your subscription-based service and product processes, such as subscription contracts, subscriber relationship management, periodic billing, and delivery.

Workcube Catalyst SUBO enables companies that offer subscription-based products and services to manage their relationships with customers in an integrated and efficient manner.


With Workcube Catalyst SUBO - Subscription Management, you can enter all the details of the subscription contracts you have made and keep track of which customers, when, and what services will be provided through the system.  Accordingly, you do your planning and manage your business processes more effectively.

Subscription Management allows you to set up a payment plan in accordance with the terms of the contract and to make automatic, periodic billing depending on your plan.

The Subscription Management Solution is integrated with Workcube Agreement Management, Project, Agenda and Service Management modules. In this way, you can follow the visits you have made to your customers from the same screen and see the results of these visits. You can digitally store all kinds of documents related to your agreements.

If necessary, you can follow up your subscription agreements as a Project and see how much you earn in total, how much time is spent for the subscriber, what products are used, and you can calculate the cost of that contract. You can see what services have been provided for which subscribers, and you can track the results. 


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