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Metrosoft Systems Finance System Certified POS Systems
All answers to POS systems and solutions for reservation systems or restaurant are available in TRADESOFT's Metrosoft / Aloha systems.
Metrosoft Restaurant (Automation) software, which consists of a dedicated reservation system and point of sale / POS system, is met with all your needs.

Why restaurant software?
Restaurant software allows you to have full control over your business. You can use the restaurant (automation) software:

Personnel tracking
Table reservations
Supply chain
Package Service
Customer tracking and loyalty programs

Tradesoft offers one-stop and independent restaurants with Metrosoft / Aloha Systems, as well as restaurant POS, reservation and report systems for chain restaurants. Associate your restaurant's POS system and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function with Tradesoft's Metrosoft / Aloha restaurant software and a selection of online software tools that support them. You can find the most appropriate restaurant software solution among the following products:

Restaurant POS System - Individual restaurants
Complete restaurant software tool - Restaurant POS software includes business and financial management practices.
Restaurant POS software for independent and fast-serving restaurants

Restaurant POS Systems - Chains
Industry leading restaurant POS software for front and back side management functions.
Internet hosted applications

Online restaurant software
To manage your business and reservation system from anywhere.

Mobile Applications
Mobile reporting application - to keep track of your business's operational and financial results on your mobile phone at any time.

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