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Project Management and Installation Services

As a result of intertwining with Information Technologies, organizations realize countless projects for their institutional needs or the needs of the masses they serve. Project Management, which has a wide framework such as design, update and revisions of new products, services and processes, is an important discipline that requires rigor, knowledge and experience.


The project will be carried out with the organization's strategies to be appropriate with an effective analysis and planning of the objectives and objectives to be clearly identified, the start and end time to determine the time, coordination and interaction to be created in the right way and when the implementation stages of the correct observations and inspections and completion of the controls to achieve success The most critical steps. In its efforts, Metrosoft provides all of these steps in the most accurate and effective way and provides complete, value-added Project Management Services to the corporations.
With the Project Management Services, effective use of resources, coordination and communication can be ensured and maintained correctly, activities can be monitored, and early measures can be taken for possible risks.

Within the scope of Project Management Services; Content Management, Integration Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, General Resource Management, Human Resources Management, Communication Management, Risk Management, Performance Management and Supply Management. With our project management methodology and seriousness, we aim to prevent loss of resources, provide value and achieve 100% success in our projects.

Installation Services

We provide Installation Services in order to design the right designed, efficient and flexible infrastructure that the organizations need, to ensure the continuity of the systems and to keep the performance values ​​at optimum levels.

With our experienced team, we provide all the software and hardware systems of information technologies with value-added installation services in all structures from the simplest to the complex and critical systems. We implement optimum systems at global standards in all the installation projects we have signed with the combination of efficient, secure, accurate technologies and competent human resources.

Our installation services; hardware and software layers, planning, commissioning, renewal / update / development, operation and management, such as the needs of institutions to meet at all levels.

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