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  PAM – Physical Asset Management     

Workcube Catalyst Physical Asset Management is used to keep records of all physical assets, motor vehicles, and IT assets within your company, and centralize all repair and maintenance work.




An unlimited number of physical assets and IT asset categories can be defined. Assets are associated with departments and people. All kinds of information such as the location of the asset, warranty information, debits, service company information, periodical maintenance details, mileage control, fuel expenses, and accident reports are recorded. 

Workcube Physical Asset Management provides an ideal solution for managing all digital and physical archives of institutions, and enables the management of physical assets shared within the organization


The leasing, maintenance-support agreements, and all details are also followed up on and managed through an asset basis. Different information about IT assets such as memory, processor, and hard disk can also be saved.

There is a strong maintenance schedule in the product that regulates repair and maintenance work on assets. Through this calendar, the details of the physical asset and the maintenance information to be made can be easily reached. Maintenance reports can be generated for the maintenances performed


Physical Asset Management / Motor Vehicle Management / Repair Maintenance
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