Thanks to technology and digitalization, we connect to more users, devices and data than ever before. On the one hand, new technologies that make our lives easier while facilitating the way we do business

on the other hand, it creates new threatening areas for cyber attackers. This means that we need to protect our infrastructure and critical data against cyber attacks, whether or not connected to the Internet.


Cyber security products ensure that networks, systems and data are protected against attack and unauthorized access. According to studies, the global cyber security market is expected to reach 170 billion dollars by 2020. while USA share in this market is expected to be around 325 million dollars.



Our Security Perspective


As Metrosoft, we are modeling and investing in the products and services needed to provide end-to-end continuous and proactive security services for the first 500 companies within our scope of service perspective. The trend in the world follows cyber security threats and we are working with competent cyber security experts in order to offer our new products and services to our customers in the best possible way.


We establish the first cyber security threats of our customers via Security Operation Center (SOC), 7x24 and we intervene in America.