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Google AdWords sponsored link ads are ads that run on content related to selected keywords and search results on Google or other sites that run on Google. Click House, a registered trademark of AGENCY ARTIBIR, is Google's partner and rocket agency as Google Adwords Sponsor within the scope of professional e-advertising services and represents you best in Google advertising services as well.


The companies can also get the Google Sponsor service directly from Google. Working with a professional company in this area gives you the advantage of lower cost per click (CPC) and lower costs than your competitors. Click House keeps track of customers' accounts on a daily basis and keeps you informed on a frequent basis.

If you are looking for an agency that will always keep you informed of the words that increase the cost, and will provide you with direct ad destination contact with Adwords ads, we are here again. You can also choose an unlimited number of keywords and set your own daily spending limit.

Click House The price difference that will occur with the competition that gives the advertiser is followed by your name.

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