Workcube Consulting

All Workcube consultants and business partners have the training, competencies and experience required to discover, fully understand, and present the Workcube solution that best suits your business needs.

Process Analysis and Business Design

Metrosoft provides professional consulting services to ensure that customers are able to implement their business needs. Metrosoft Software does not offer you products or solutions without your understanding of your problems. It is a very satisfying result because you do not have to worry about it. Metrosoft consultants first analyze your business processes to determine what deficiencies and disruptions are. Processes and work are redesigned and this logic is passed on to Workcube solutions.

Metrosoft has transformed the concept of "Choice between Alternatives", which is in management and information systems software, to "Your Workcube Solution" which is recommended by your consultant who understands and understands your problems and needs. The solution you need in this view is the same as you have.

Application - Embedding Services

IBS ensures that its customers quickly install and start using Workcube software. Metrosoft employees provide consistent, fast, and trouble-free solutions to issues such as implementation, adaptation and training in the direction of their long-standing experience. The bottom-up and bottom-down approaches analyze the expectations, needs and needs of all departments of the business. On the Workcube platform, the networks and servers that will work are identified and, if necessary, additional requirements are discovered. Metrosoft employees analyze the workcube for minimum budget and just in time to apply it to your company.

Our consulting team manages the implementation process and produces services in a coordinated business alliance with company employees, system integrators and creative company. As all risks and costs are put back in the business, you will implement it in the Workcube solution at the agreed time and budget. IBS; He has developed a custom Workcube implementation-placement methodology to enhance the e-Business capabilities of the organizations and to place the Workcube application into the organizations at once and precisely.

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