WorkCube CRM enables businesses to quickly and efficiently deliver services while effectively managing customer relationships. Increases customer satisfaction and reduces operational costs by making customer relationships online and real-time.

So far, many definitions have been made about CRM. While some people perceive CRM as recording only customer information, sometimes listening to customer complaints is regarded as CRM.

We CRM as Workcube

to provide better service to customers,
communicate continuously and effectively with customers
right time, right customer, selling the right product,
to make the customer service department more effective,
create cross and vertical sales opportunities,
sales team to make sales easier and faster,
to make marketing and sales activities simple and parallel to each other,
to evaluate sales opportunities accurately and effectively,
find new customers
we use technology to increase profitability per customer.

Workcube CRM is a comprehensive CRM application that transforms the power of the web into business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Workcube CRM supports all processes and stages of customer relationship management in the organization from the target audience analysis to the management of after-sales services.

Workcube provides you with all the tools you need to make your communication and relationship with your customers stronger and more effective.

Workcube CRM makes all customer information accessible to all concerned users quickly and easily in a secure environment. It offers the ability to record, track and analyze a wide range of customer information. It allows you to measure your customers' profitability and customer satisfaction in real time. With the detailed sales, marketing and service analyzes and reports provided by Workcube CRM, you can measure your business's performance clearly, evaluate your customers, marketing, sales and service activities from every angle, easily view, make quick decisions and implement your changes .

Workcube CRM; Finance, SCM (Supply Chain Management), IK and other Workcube applications are integrated with each other. It enables you to efficiently and efficiently manage your sales activities, marketing programs and service support operations. Thanks to its web based architecture and mobile access feature, it enables you to establish relationships with your customers and perform your operations from any channel, anywhere and anytime.

Workcube CRM is basically programmed for businesses to run and manage three main business functions in an integrated manner.


With Workcube CRM Marketing modules, you can design, prepare and manage special campaigns for customer or customer group in all channels related to customer such as phone, sms, direct mail, web, wireless devices, email, direct sales and partner network. Easy-to-use tools enable the marketing department to segment and create target audience lists without needing an IT department. The marketing department has the opportunity to perform one-to-one marketing activities using customer information in a versatile manner. With the powerful potential of customer management that Workcube CRM offers, your website visitors can easily become loyal customers.


Workcube CRM Sale gives you the opportunity to sell more effectively in cooperation with all of your business people, and increase your income accordingly, thanks to the powerful sales force automation solution offered to the business. Workcube CRM Sale Personnel provides you the opportunity to realize fast and profitable Sale by easily and quickly reaching information such as target income, actual income, sales plans, customer needs, purchasing tendencies, customer information, customer current account. By integrating your mobile sales team into the system, you can make your field sales operations more efficient and allow you to manage in real time. Workcube CRM Sale has special functions that allow your team to easily evaluate the opportunities of Sale and make realistic Sale estimates.


Workcube CRM Service & Support provides you with all the tools your employees will need to deliver faster and more affordable Service and support at lower costs. The customer sends customer information to Service & Support employees in an easy-to-follow and usable way so that you can provide specific services. With features such as detailed case recording and tracking, cross and vertical Sale enhancement functions, and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) technology, you can create a complete hardware and powerful Service support center. It enables you to easily make measurements such as customer complaints and requests, resolution times, number of calls, employee performance, and improve your services in the right proportion. It significantly reduces your Service & Support costs by providing self-service to your customers through the website.


Licence Type
User Limit
AMD, Intel
Source Code
Application Server
ColdFusion J2EE App Server SE
CFML ve W3C Standarts

Account (Customer & Supplier) Management
Analysis and Reporting
Call Center Management
Campaign Management
Content Management - Literature
Digital Archive
My Home - Personalization
Opportunity Management
Organization Planning
Price, Promotion and Action Management
Product Management
Production Management
Project Management
Quota Planning
Role Planning
Route (Visit) Management
Sales Orders
Sales Planning
Sales Proposals
Service and Warranty Management
System Management
Work Flow and Process Management

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