You can plan training for your partner, even your customers, with the WorkCube Training Management solution. You can create and publish training in different categories and topics for different users.

The Training Management and e-Learning modules enable institutions to centrally manage all training activities and facilitate online training. Without creating training content, online training supports your entire educational activities. It allows third party institutions and organizations and educational content to be included in the system.

With the Workcube Training management and e-Training module, it is easy to create training contents according to different features and positions, open courses, record trainees in courses and automatically bring these courses to the trainees' screens. Once the trainings have been completed, the performance tests, assessments and results of the trainings provided are easily prepared, followed and managed.

Education Management

You can plan training for employees, partners and even customers with the Workcube Education Management module. Competence, branch, position type, etc. you can create and publish training in different categories and topics for different users according to different criteria.

You can see your training calendar on a monthly, weekly or daily calendar in one screen. Purpose, educator, date, time, budget, participant, related documents, content, evaluations, training invitation letter, result reports etc. you can manage all information, documents and actions related to your trainings from a single center.

You can create a question bank where unlimited category and subject matter can take place, and you can create continuous / uninterrupted tests for different forms and contents according to different users. You can accurately and realistically plan and measure the effectiveness of your trainings, trainings, attendees, trainers and realistic reports and graphics on training and exam results.

Workcube Education Management provides you with a powerful form design tool that allows you to prepare forms, tests, and forms as you want them to evaluate your training.


The E-Learning module within the workcube enables all in-house training to be accessed and assessed online by all employees, business partners or customers.

All training in the Workcube Education Management module is made available online by system user trainees automatically selected according to the given criteria. On-line trainings, trainees begin to learn through the multifunctional whiteboard when they click on the trails they have reached, in the virtual office environment with audiences and audiences.

Thanks to Workbube's web based structure, your employees, business partners or customers can receive distance learning by connecting to the system via a web browser no matter where in the world they are.

Workcube LMS enables service providers, corporations and educational institutions to easily create interactive training content over the Internet and intranets, provide training services, and measure and evaluate.

With Workcube LMS, you have the chance to perform, manage and follow all your training activities from a single center including online registration, creating and presenting training content, multimedia, testing and examinations, measurement and evaluations, reporting.


Create and manage training content
Online registration
Application and course attendance
Comprehensive analysis and reporting
Virtual Classroom (multifunctional whiteboard, online voice and video communication)
Task and competency based content access control
Create test content
Test results and evaluations
Share a doc
Third party content integration

Workcube LMS Modules

İçerik Yönetimi
Dijital Arşiv
Analiz ve Raporlama
Üye Yönetimi
Online İletişim
Aylık ve yıllık eğitim ajandası
Sınırsız sayıda ve hiyerarşide eğitim kategorisi ve alt kategorisi oluşturma
Eğitim kategorilerini eğitimciler, konu ve derslerle ilişkilendirme
Sınırsız sayıda eğitim içeriği oluşturma
İçeriklerle belge, test ve soru ilişkilendirme
Bölge, şube, departman ve pozisyon tiplerine göre içerik, eğitim ve test yayını

Education Management

Creating online and classroom trainings
Assigning trainers
Assigning a program officer
Identify training location knowledge
Define training site responsibilities
Training purpose definition
View participant profiles in different perspectives (age, gender, title, position etc.)
Create a training report
Printing an auto attendant signature list
Send automatic training invitation notification by e-mail to all attendees
Export training notification form to paper, make PDF, save as document
List of potential participants
Following the preliminary and actual training budget
Online polling
Exciting attendee follow-up
Record and follow course results on a participant basis
Parametric prepared participant evaluation form
Following the educational assessments made by the participants
Parametric Preparatory Instructor Evaluation Form
Training result report
Attendance follow-up
Online course followed by online / offline icon
Reserving physical assets for training
Parametric training forms
Associate training with educational content
Training documents
Training notes
Follow-up training requests
Follow-up trainings
Trainer trainees (with trainings, company, branch, department, position and category information)
Register unlimited questions to the question bank
Associating questions with educational categories and topics
Defining the specific response time to the question
Defining question points
Detailed question search
Create unlimited number of tests
Associating tests with position types
Adding questions to unlimited number of tests and different Features
Test result graphs and test answers
Test answer papers (person person correct answer, given answer response and open-ended question evaluation)
Periodic test preparation
Random question selection test creation
Per question or total score account
Associating tests with education categories and content
Add a success comment
Creating training groups
Creating an unlimited number of training evaluation forms parametrically
Orientation trainings on an employee basis
Monthly orientation report
Multidimensional Education Management graphics and reports


Virtual class (multifunctional writing board, audio, video and written communication, see list of course participants)
Online polling
Reaching educational content
Online on-line test answer
See test result graphs
Make word searches in training content, tests and lessons


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