Workcube Content Management System provides tools that allow you to easily manage your corporate web sites (Internet, Intranet and Extranet). WorkCube CMS significantly reduces your website ownership and retention costs.

You may not know how to create, update, or manage website content. With Workcube CMS, you can create your own Web site and update it instantly with all the visual content, without knowing it, with long-term special training or without the need for a new IT staff. You can make or receive instant promotions, campaigns or announcements on your website.

With Workcube CMS with all components,

With Workcube you can publish an unlimited number of sites and create dynamic menus.
You can add new information or products to the website at any time and at any time.
You can add links, images, flash animations, or downloadable documents to your content.
You can associate content with products.
You can easily create a website navigation flow.
You can create unlimited number of content categories, partitions and subsections.
You can organize categories and sections in the desired hierarchy.
You can periodically remove some content categories or sections from your website along with all their content.
To easily access content in the content management system, you can perform a detailed search between categories, sections, subsections, and content.
You can associate different banners, images and animations with categories, sections and content.
You can publish different content feeds for different user and reader categories on the same website.
You can place forms and analysis tools in your web sites.
You can make online surveys and follow the results immediately.
You can associate product catalogs with content.
You can create content for publication in a specified time period. When the time runs out, content automatically goes off on your website.

Workcube CMS Components

Content Management
Digital Asset Management
Campaign Management (Optional)
Product Management (Optional)
Member Management
Online Payment Integration

Workcube CMS Basic Functions

Add and publish an unlimited number of content
Publish private content to member and user category
Top 10 content hits with hit counts
According to the categories, the content reading rates are graphically followed
Top 10 new content
See sections belonging to categories
Tracking the total number of topics (content) registered for each category
Create a content category
Adding unlimited number of content sections and sub-sections to categories and hierarchies
Make a word search between topics
Broadcast content description
Can see topics according to categories and publications
Announcing content on partner and employee portal on a rolling basis
Linking from topic
Adding topic image
Adding flash movie to topic
Adding a document to a topic
Adding banners to categories, sections, and content
Create and publish content templates and forms
Define and publish content associated with content
Product identification and publishing related to content
Defining and publishing catalogs related to content
Define and publish document associated with content (downloadable)
Comment on content, make scoring, read comments and publish on demand
Content update count and last updated followup


Licence Type
User Limit
AMD, Intel
Source Code
Application Server
ColdFusion J2EE App Server SE
CFML ve W3C Standarts


Account (Customer & Supplier) Management
Analysis and Reporting
Content Management - Literature
Correspondence & Communication Management
Digital Archive
My Home - Personalization
Organization Planning
Role Planning
System Management
Work Flow and Process Management

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